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Portland Scaffolding is a leading design and engineering access solutions company. We have helped hundreds of construction companies in the pursuit of an efficient and reliable shoring solution. We believe that the three most essential qualities of a premier scaffolding and shoring service are top notch quality, safety, and reasonable pricing.

At Portland Scaffolding, we offer a wide range of shoring rental solutions to address different needs, i.e. digging, propping, concrete forming, and lifting. We have a team of experienced and trained individuals who will serve as your “assistants” in choosing the best shoring solution that addresses all your needs and construction requirements.

We offer modular scaffolding designs for concrete forming systems. They are the best available option when it comes to finding an efficient high load shoring. If you are not sure if this is the ideal option for your construction project’s unique requirements, then all you must do is call (phone number) right now so that we can assist you.

Portland Scaffolding and shoring rental services has the equipment to address your needs. Do you have some more questions about shoring? We’re more than willing to lay out the benefits of our comprehensive shoring services.

For all your shoring equipment rental Portland needs, look no further than Portland Scaffolding. We employ trained shoring experts and contractors who will help you succeed in your building or construction project. It does not matter if you’re building a residential property, doing a hillside construction, or simply adding a new room or space in a building, we give you all the essential shoring solutions to get the job done in time.

Our shoring and scaffolding services are valuable for a multitude of applications and projects, including but not limited to, concrete reinforcement, grade beams, hillside foundation, drainage improvement, landslide remediation, and foundations. If you are doing any of those projects, it makes sense to avail of our expert shoring services.

Let us be your go to Portland Scaffolding rental company!

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