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Debris Chutes Portland Oregon

Portland Scaffolding is the city’s leading company in providing smart and safe access systems for contractors and developers. We are an experienced team that boasts a premium product line of construction debris chute systems.

We offer trash chute rentals to all companies, small or large scale, for all disposal needs and situations. Our product line is highlighted by a polyethylene-based debris chute with a high level of resiliency. What makes our disposal solution stand out from other options is that it is easy to erect while preserving maximum safety.

Trash Chute Rentals in Portland, Oregon​

At Portland Scaffolding, we are committed to giving every client a reliable solution for their construction disposal requirements. We provide top quality trash chutes, roofing debris chute system, and construction debris chutes.

We offer the best solution for any project, and we make it possible with the use of proper equipment, including:

  • Steel Liners
  • Chute Hoists
  • Wraparound Sections
  • Welded Sections
  • More Than Just Debris and Trash Chutes

Portland Scaffolding has been serving contractors and companies all over the city and the neighboring locations with topnotch construction access equipment, including scaffold, safety training, and accessories designed to provide convenient access and safety in the construction site.

As a full-service company, we offer scaffold rental and debris chute systems so that you do not need to look for another contractor to cover the disposal aspect of the job.

For your project’s success, you do not have to settle for anything less than what we offer. Speak to one of our service representatives today to get our partnership going.

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