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Portland Scaffolding offers an extensive range of scaffolding services, including the design and engineering of access ramps. We look forward to working with you for the installation of temporary ramps designed to improve access for your workers and promote safety in the construction site.

We embrace a modern and technological approach in designing and supplying a scaffolding ramp to our clients in the Portland area. Our goal is to come up with the most effective and practical access solution, especially for construction projects where there are physical challenges like limited space, uneven terrain, elevation problems, and others.

If your construction project is currently experiencing difficulties when it comes to access to certain areas of the site, call us today. Dial (503) 506-4756 and we’ll talk about how we can help solve your problem. Let’s talk about pricing later!

We have been providing scaffolding services in Portland and the surrounding areas for many long years. Our experience makes us an industry leader in designing and creating stairs and ramps. You need our help when you have trouble scaling inclines, uneven surfaces, and obstacles. Our construction ramps are also useful as a temporary bridge.

Many companies skip on the prospect of using ramps to speed up the construction and make the job of the workers more convenient. The reason is that they try to avoid spending money for a safety precaution and possibility of improved access. But equipment rental Portland like scaffolding, access ramps, and temporary fences is a worthy investment to make, both for small-scale and large commercial constructions.

You benefit from working with us because we offer onsite support for the entirety of the project. It means we assemble the access ramps for you and wait until the project is done. At that point, we will dismantle them, too.

We have a reputation to take care of and maintain, which is why we will make sure our ramps will have
a positive impact on the speedy completion of your construction project.

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