​Frame Scaffolding

​Frame Scaffolding Portland Oregon

The preference for frame scaffolding over other safety solutions is no secret in the construction industry. You need it because it offers reliability beyond comparison. At Portland Scaffolding, our frame scaffolds are made from round tubing in multiple variations.

The benefits of frame scaffolding include:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers stability, thanks to the simple system of erecting one above the other and relying on internal frame parts
  • Designed with one direction and cross bracing in another direction for added safety
  • Ideal for shoring projects
  • Versatile frames and don’t require a significant learning curve for first-time users
  • Economical and practical

The Portland Frame Scaffold Advantage

We can supply you the best available scaffold for your construction needs. Since the frame variety is one of our most preferred solutions, we made it a point to design and engineer metal scaffolding that offers superior durability and stability. Our scaffolds are light in weight, making them effortless to move around the construction site.

Don’t be fooled by other scaffolding services offering incredibly low price offers on their frame scaffold solutions since you may end up with something unstable, putting your workers at risk. Our products are not just stable, but also made to last.

If you are concerned about the possibility of corrosion and rusting, then you’d go for a steel frame type for your scaffold equipment rental Portland.

Frame Scaffold Uses​

The frame scaffold variety is your best option when you need support for high slabs and bridge girders. You can also erect access stairways using it. As a versatile access system, you can conveniently adjust the platform height based on the elevation required to perform the job.

Frame system scaffolds put you at an advantage when you need to speed things up. They offer a stable and safe working platform at high elevations without the complex assembly and installation process. The truth is you won’t have to assemble the scaffolding system yourself. At Portland Scaffolding, we’re more than happy to do it for you!

​Reach out to Portland Scaffolding so we can talk about how you can take full advantage of our range of frame scaffolding systems. Whether you are a startup contractor or a big-time construction firm, we will accommodate your needs for added safety and protection for your workers on the job site.

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