Pedestrian Protection

Pedestrian Protection Portland Oregon

Construction projects that are right in the middle of a busy commercial zone is a disaster waiting to happen. The responsibility of the builder or construction company is not restricted to its workers. They must ensure that all pedestrians who will pass near or under the job site are protected from falling debris and other risks.

We specialize in equipment rental Portland intended for pedestrian protection. Our company serves the whole Portland area and the surrounding communities. As an experienced contractor in construction access solutions, we are proud to say that our services are not limited to scaffolding. We are experts in the installation of equipment designed to protect pedestrians from impending harm that could lead to injury or death.

​Meeting OSHA’s Pedestrian Safety Standards

Every builder and construction company must adhere to the OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s safety regulations concerning pedestrians. It is your responsibility to keep everyone within the immediate premises of the construction site safe and protected against hazardous materials. But it does not mean you must do it alone.

At Portland Scaffolding, we will help meet OSHA's regulations when it comes to the use of safety devices on the construction site. Call our office at (phone number). We have a handful of pedestrian protection options for you at a reasonable price. Our Portland equipment rentals offer the guarantee that your worksite will pass the government standards.

What We Can Do About Pedestrian Protection​

Although it is your responsibility to divert pedestrians away from the worksite by putting up large warning signs, you know that it isn’t enough. There must be other things in place to keep the immediate vicinity safe. That’s why we’re here for you.

We offer you approved safety equipment rental Portland Oregon that will guarantee a safe environment for all pedestrians. Our scaffolding systems are used to promote pedestrian safety, regardless of the size of the construction area. There must be sidewalk canopies to reinforce the scaffolding erection, and we’ll handle it on your behalf. The canopies will catch debris, materials, and tools that may fall from above.

When it comes to safety, you must work with the best in the business. Portland Scaffolding is arguably your most practical option right now. We have worked with hundreds of clients in the Portland area in the design and installation of scaffolding systems for the protection of pedestrians.

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